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We invest in startups raising Pre-Seed through Series A rounds with a focus on cybersecurity, healthtech, and B2B SaaS.

Our Philosophy: The 5 Ts


We look for experienced founders and teams with expertise in their domain. Teams should be coachable and should demonstrate business fundamentals necessary for a growth company.


We invest in start-ups that offer B2B SaaS, cybersecurity, and healthtech products/platforms. Businesses should have innovative technology and should not compete with our current portfolio companies.


Companies should have meaningful traction to date. For Pre-Seed, companies should be post-MVP with line of sight to $100K ARR and high growth projections. The product should have customers/pilot sites. Seed and Series A companies should have >$500K ARR.


Companies should be competing in markets that are broad and growing. They should have unique offerings that differentiate themselves from competitors in the space.


Seed and Pre-Seed companies should be looking to raise $250K to ~$3mm, and Series A companies should be looking to raise $2mm - $15mm. We are open to both being a lead investor as well as following on.

Investment Process

To become a BVI portfolio company, a prospective investment must receive a majority vote from the partners at the following stages:​

Screening (1 week)

After 1-2 screening meetings, the company will then begin the due diligence process.

Due Diligence (4 weeks)


During and after the due diligence process. This more comprehensive stage typically takes 4 weeks.

After all the deal terms and conditions have been finalized.

Submit A Pitch

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