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Joined: June 2018


Matt Gittleman



Information Technology/SaaS/Big Data

Matt is a principal at Blu Venture Investors. He focuses on new investments within the cybersecurity sector, overseeing the pipeline of security investments for the firm as well as management of the current portfolio. With expertise in go-to-market, digital strategy, and operations from his time working with venture backed startups in the DC and Boston markets, Matt also assists portfolio companies with these initiatives as they scale. Matt graduated with an MBA from Georgetown McDonough where he was the President of the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Club. Prior to business school, Matt worked for Yesware and Catalant Technologies in Boston, and spent three years with LivingSocial, in DC, all in marketing and operations roles.

From his experience in operations and marketing roles, Matt has learned the value of making sure that different teams - sales, marketing, and product - are aligned and working towards common goals.


Due Diligence
Sales and Marketing

What do you look for in a startup company?

  1. Who has the founder surrounded themselves with? Regardless of sales traction, the founder’s first job is to sell the dream of what can be and if they haven’t sold the vision to a co-founder, an important hire or another executive, how will they sell their current or future product to a potential customer.

  2. How does the company plan to bring the product to market? Who is the target buyer? How will they get in front of that person?

  3. How have they gotten to this point and where do they plan on going? Much of a Blu investment comes down to alignment between the founders and Blu and as such it is very important to make sure we are on the same page from early on.

What are your interests outside of BVI?

Outside of spending time with my wife and son, I am an avid cook and regularly post to Instagram @mattcooksstuff. I’m an avid baseball fan (Go Nats!) and try to catch as many games as I can at Nats Park. Outside of the city, I love spending time out in the Shenandoah Valley hiking or drinking wine.

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