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Joined: August 2010


Pradeep Wahi



Electronics Manufacturing
Wireless and Broadband Communications

Pradeep is a founding partner at Blu Venture Investors, founding partner of STAM21, an independent adviser group to boards and C-level executives, and chairman and CEO of Antenna Research Associates Inc. Additionally, he is and has been board director of other privately held and publicly-traded companies and has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and advisor of cross-national ventures. He has more than 35 years in technology development and management, including as an investor in Revere Bank, Straighterline, Oculis Labs, Kanasao, PowerMax Global, and Elumen.


As an entrepreneur and early-stage investor, Pradeep believes in promoting entrepreneurship and that the best new ideas come from small, young early stage companies, which also provide the best value for investment. He considers leadership, above all else, to be the most important element of a successful startup. Founders need the confidence to develop a clear vision and business plan to manage for long-term growth and be ready to identify new opportunities to pivot the business.


Corporate Governance
Engineering and Product Development
Mergers & Acquisitions



What do you look for in a startup company?

Focus on the leadership (team), more than anything else such as technology, product or new idea, and their ability to manage risks and bumps in the road.

What advice would you give startups?

Have a clear vision and business plan and be ready to identify new opportunities for a pivot. Manage with confidence.

Why do you invest in follow-on rounds?

To support the company's growth plans if they are able to execute on their original business plan successfully. I prefer to evaluate each round of investment independently, almost as a new investment.

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