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Joined: May 2023


Bill Phelps



Managed Services
Network Services

Bill Phelps retired from Booz Allen Hamilton as Executive Vice President and Senior Partner. Bill joined Booz Allen in 2016 to transform and lead Booz Allen’s Global Commercial business, which became, under his leadership, a recognized market leader, delivering cyber security consulting and incident response services to some of the most sophisticated clients in the world. 

Before joining Booz Allen, Bill spent 26 years at Accenture, finishing his Accenture career as the Global Managing Director of Accenture Security.  Bill joined the Accenture security business in 2008, managing the North America practice, and took over leadership of the global practice in 2014.  Under Bill’s leadership the practice grew significantly in size and scope, adding managed security services delivered via Accenture’s global delivery network in 2013 and establishing cutting edge cyber capabilities with key acquisitions, including the FusionX adversary simulation business in 2015.  

In addition to his executive roles at Booz Allen and Accenture, Bill co-founded Virginia based start-up SevenSpace in 2000.  Bill and his partners established SevenSpace as a pioneer in the nascent market for remotely delivered IT managed services.  Lessons from SevenSpace fueled Bill’s work at Accenture and Booz Allen building their managed security services businesses. SevenSpace was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2005.  

Bill is an active investor and advisor to innovative cyber security and technology companies individually and through Blu Venture Investors. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Cathleen. Bill enjoys spending time with his three children, and getting away to the family lake house in Maine for summer boating and winter skiing. 


Mergers and Acquisitions
Offshore Delivery

What do you look for in a start-up company?

Leaders who have shown they can overcome adversity, a product or service that solves an important problem in a new way, and a deep understanding of target customers and how/why they buy.

What sectors most interest you?

I primarily focus on cyber security because I am fascinated by the adversarial nature of security. There are human beings trying to mount cyber attacks, and it is a very real and constant battle of wits to outsmart them.

What are your interests outside of Blu Ventures?

Great food — either cooking myself or going to a restaurant with a creative chef. I love to go to food markets when I travel and my favorite is Borough Market in London. I also love being outdoors, especially in Maine where my family has a lake house, and snow skiing in the winter.

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