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Joined: August 2010


Bob Proctor



Information Technology/SaaS/Big Data
Management and Strategy Consulting

Bob is a co-founder of Blu Venture Investors, the CEO, board member, and an investor of Link Labs, Inc., and a board member and first investor of Reify Health Inc. Prior, he served as global head of Marketing reporting to the chairman and CEO of the Corporate Executive Board. He has over 10 years of experience as a senior executive in public companies, including line, staff, and IPO leadership positions. He has led teams that won corporate-wide awards for Best Business Breakthrough, Managerial Excellence, and Spirit of Generosity. He also served as associate principal at McKinsey & Company, Inc where he blended his academic background in physics with corporate consulting. He holds a Ph.D. in applied physics from Cornell University. 


As an investor in early-stage companies, Bob looks for startups with a critical mass of world class talent. In his experience, he believes that, more often than not, the original product and vision of a company does not work, but that a world class team can pivot to a successful product and business model.


Engineering and Product Development
Sales and Marketing


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What excites you about early stage investing?

I’ve always been a dreamer of building things.  Companies are some of the greatest things to build.  It’s not just exciting new products and technologies, it’s the impact on careers and the professional growth of employees, the impact those companies have on their customers and the world. 

When on the board as a director or advisor, what do you do to help them get to the next stage?

First, help everyone align on the milestones required to get to the next stage.  Then, roll up my sleeves and help do that.  That could involve recruiting executive talent, winning customers, helping with a partnership deal, leading the capital formation effort.  The required milestones vary greatly from company to company.

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