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Joined: October 2016


Bob Struble



Management and Strategy Consulting
Wireless and Broadband Communications

Bob is a partner at Blu Venture Investors and serves on the Cyber Fund Investment Committee. From 2017 to 2020, Bob was the CEO of Directed, the largest North American designer and marketer of consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems and a pioneer in the connected car space. At Directed, Bob led a strategic pivot into high growth markets before successfully selling the business in 2020. From 1996 to 2015, Bob served as the co-founder and CEO of iBiquity Digital, which developed and commercialized HD Radio Technology. At iBiquity, Bob secured an FCC standard for HD Radio Technology, licensed it to over 700 companies, raised $300M in capital and successfully sold the business to DTS, Inc. in 2015.


Prior to iBiquity, Bob worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey and Company before holding senior positions at telecommunications and specialty chemicals companies. Bob serves on the boards of HAAS Alert, MixMode, Asylon and Suvie and is an Angel at Pax Momentum. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an SB from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


As a former founder and now early-stage investor, he attributes much of his success to mentorship he received and does his best to pay it back by mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs. 


Engineering and Product Development
Mergers and Acquisitions



What drives you to invest in early stage companies?

I would not have been able to build iBiquity without a ton of coaching and mentoring from many people - friends, investors, colleagues and co-workers. As we scaled the company, I tried to pay that back by mentoring other startup CEOs. It was some of the most exciting and rewarding work I've done. Those relationships led naturally to investment opportunities, and additional investment opportunities led to more coaching and mentoring relationships. It's really been a virtuous circle.

What advice would you give to startups?

I tell every startup CEO I work with that she has three jobs: set vision and strategy, hire and retain great people and raise money. If you do those right, you'll be successful. And they are more than a full time job.

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