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Joined: April 2016


Keith Bozeman



Information Technology
Big Data

Keith is a partner at Blu Venture Investors. He has over 22 years of experience in the technical staffing industry, spending 12 years as the president of TEKsystems, a multi-billion dollar information technology staffing and services company. Prior, he served 2 years as COO and 7 years in multiple Regional and Divisional VP roles.

As an early-stage investor, Keith is passionate about cutting edge technologies and making an early positive impact on a company’s road to success. When evaluating startups, he believes the three of the most important elements are team, market and product. He looks for teams that work well together, are coachable, understand the market, can sell the product, and have technical and financial competence. When examining the market, he looks for the size of the market, the barriers to entry, and the competitive landscape. Finally, the product has to solve a problem, have clear users, and must be differentiated.


Sales and Marketing



What do you look for in a start-up company?

There are many factors to consider when investing in a start up, but three of the most important to me are Team, Market and Product. 

  • Team - Do they work well together? Are they coachable? Do they understand the market, can they sell the product. Is there strong technical competence, financial competence? 

  • Market - Is there a Market for the product? How big is it? What are the barriers to entry? What is the competitive landscape?

  • Product - Does the product solve a problem in the market? Can I see myself or others using this product? Is the product differentiated from other products in the market?

What excites you about early stage investing?

I love early stage investing for many reasons. I get to see and be part of many cutting edge technologies. I feel like I can have more of an impact on the success of an early stage company. From an investor standpoint, I can invest in multiple companies that are not as capital intensive as later stage companies.

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