Joined: November 2010


Matt Hanson



Asset Management
Information Technology/SaaS/Big Data

Matt is a partner at Blu Venture Investors and serves on the Innovations Investment Committee. He is also a co-founder of the startup accelerator Pax Momentum. He has served as a board director or board observer for several companies, including Kulabyte, a video over internet technology recently sold to Haivision; Urgently; and NS8. Matt was a co-founder of Segovia, a provider to DoD of broadband internet via satellite. He has also held senior sales positions with iDirect, an internet over satellite company, Marconi, and FORE Systems (IP, ATM and Optical Routing technology).


As an early-stage investor, Matt enjoys working with entrepreneurs and being part of their adventure and is passionate about helping the D.C. metropolitan area to develop as a hub for tech startups. He is most interested in telecommunications, data communications, cyber security, enterprise software, AI, ecommerce, autonomous, FinTech and automotive.

Wireless and Broadband Communications


Sales & Marketing



What do you look for in a startup company?

Smart, dedicated, experienced founders with a great idea.  Some evidence of product/market fit (typically revenue from savvy consumers).

Why do you invest in follow-on rounds?

Follow on investments are purely opportunistic.  I ride the winners and I wait and see on those that are still searching. If a company is meeting its goals and growing, I am all in!

What are your interests outside of Blu Venture Investors?

I treasure experiences with my wife and four sons. I like to hunt, work on my vegetable garden, and read great fiction. I spend too much time watching the Nationals, Caps and Ravens.  Traveling with my wife, especially to Europe, is always a treat.