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Joined: May 2023

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Mike Newborn


Mike Newborn currently serves as Navy Federal Credit Union’s Chief Information Security Officer with over 24 years of experience in the Information Security field. He is an experienced cyber leader with a passion for helping people, technology and cyber risk management. 

Previously, Mike worked for McKinsey & Company where he served as the CISO for McKinsey Digital Labs as well as an Associate Partner where he advised many of the largest global corporations on how to plan, build and execute cybersecurity programs. 

Prior to joining McKinsey, Mike served as a Bloomberg Chief Security Officer as well as managed the security for global critical infrastructure at VeriSign including the Internet’s DNS, PKI and SS7 systems. 

Mike has a long history of hands-on leadership and has extensive operations experience in network security, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, application security, cloud security and governance risk and compliance. 

Mike currently serves on the board of Cloudbreak Foundation, a non-profit organization helping the most vulnerable in society in the Washington DC metropolitan area. He has previously served on the board of Herndon Children’s Center, a non-profit organization providing childcare services. 


Additionally, Mike actively serves on several advisory boards including:  IANS (decision support), Expel (MDR), Accenture (consulting), George Mason University Cyber Security Engineering (education), and Longbow (cloud security). 

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