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Paul Silber


Paul is a founding partner at Blu Venture Investors. Prior, he launched and grew In Vitro Technologies, Inc. for 15 years as president and CEO and led a successful sale of the company in 2006. Through this experience, he has developed a proven track record of growing a successful business-to-business technology company from inception to sale, focusing on innovation, execution, and creation of a valuable brand. He has been an investor in over 50 Mid-Atlantic companies with a record of solid exits. Currently, he is the board director or advisor to Evergreen Advisors LLC, PathSensors, Inc., LKC Technologies, Insightin Health, Ethix360, and the University of Maryland Momentum Fund. He holds a Ph.D. in toxicology, MSPH in public health and is a named inventor on five patents. His investment strategy has focused on tech, including enterprise SaaS, Cyber, IoT, and occasionally medical devices. 


As an investor, Paul enjoys finding the few gems from among the hundreds of investment opportunities that Blu sees each year. He values investing capital and expertise into these companies to help them grow, succeed, expand their teams, and become an important addition to the regional economy.


Information Technology/SaaS/Big Data


Sales and Marketing


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What excites you about early stage investing?

Investing in enough deals to find one that becomes that 100X rocket ship.

What advice would you give to startups?

It is essential that they understand that investors will likely see hundreds of very good pitches each year, but only invest in 1-3% of these deals. So it is not enough to just give a great pitch; rather, they have to beat out 97-99% of all of the other interesting opportunities we see.