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Joined: April 2014


Pradeep Kaul



Block Chain
Information Technology/SaaS/Big Data
Smart Phones

Pradeep is a partner at Blu Venture Investors and currently the CEO and president of Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC), a company he co-founded in 2006. HSC has grown to over 850 employees globally and provides consulting and software engineering services for wireless access systems, multimedia switching systems, smart terminal based applications, video streaming, retail clients customer analysis, hospitality digital transformation offerings, and digital networks for cellular and satellite based communication systems. Prior to launching HSC, he was an executive VP of Hughes Network Systems (HNS) and a member of the Office of the Chairman. In this capacity, he helped grow HNS from a $100 million company, acquired by Hughes Electronics in 1987, to $1.5 billion prior to acquisition by News Corp., subsequently was sold to Apollo Management, which took it public.

As an early-stage investor, Pradeep enjoys investing in leading edge technologies and helping in formulating successful strategies for growth and exit. He uses his experience—having started his career in a high-tech garage startup, helping grow that company through organic growth, acquisitions, and eventually taking it public—to mentor talented entrepreneurs.

Wireless and Broadband Communications


Engineering and Product Development
Mergers & Acquisitions



What drives you to invest in early stage companies?

I enjoy leading edge technologies, helping in formulating successful strategies and mentoring talented entrepreneurs.

What do you look for in a startup company?

Is the value proposition clearly defined? Is it addressing a large and growing marketplace and is the management team absolutely committed to make it a success?

When on the board as a director or advisor, what do you do to help them get to the next stage?

I ask the hard questions that may prevent the company from making mistakes that many startups make.

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