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Why We Invested in Breachbits: A Deep Dive into Blu Ventures’ Investment Strategy

Updated: May 6

Welcome to Blu Ventures' new series, "Why We Invested In...". In the dynamic landscape of venture capitalism, Blu Ventures stands out for its meticulous investment strategy, guided by the Five Ts: Team, Total Addressable Market (TAM), Technology, Traction, and Terms. This series is designed to shed light on how we evaluate and ultimately decide to invest in companies in our portfolio. Our recent investment in Breachbits, a rising star in the cybersecurity sector, exemplifies this approach. Here's an inside look at why Breachbits stood out to us.

About BreachBits:

  • BreachBits, is a company specializing in cyber risk management and penetration testing. They have developed a new standard in cyber risk scoring known as BreachRisk. This system is designed to help organizations understand and manage the increasing threat of cyber attacks, including ransomware. BreachRisk employs a 10-point scale, offering a simplified yet comprehensive way to communicate the relative risk of a cyber breach. This system is useful for a variety of stakeholders, from those in server rooms to boardroom executives, enabling them to manage risk effectively by understanding where potential breaches could occur

  • In addition to assisting organizations in assessing their cyber risks, BreachRisk is also beneficial for understanding the risks associated with other companies, such as those in the context of cyber insurance rates or before significant business acquisitions. 

  • Overall, BreachBits aims to revolutionize how cyber risks are discussed and managed, empowering various stakeholders within an organization with clear and comprehensible cyber risk scores. This approach not only helps in predicting cyber attacks but also aids in communicating threats to key stakeholders, thereby assisting leaders in making informed business risk decisions​

Inside Look at Blu’s 5 Ts for BreachBits:

  • Team: At Blu Ventures, we believe that a company's success is largely dependent on the strength of its team. A standout factor for Breachbits is its founders, led by CEO John Lundgren and COO Foster Davis, who bring strong technical expertise and leadership skills. Their dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence resonates deeply with our investment philosophy. The team has shown high coachability and responsiveness to Blu's guidance, especially regarding strategic decisions like fundraising. The recent signing of their first Sales Executive underscores their commitment to growth and scalability​​​​.

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM): The Total Addressable Market (TAM) for cybersecurity is vast and growing. At an estimated $4.5B, it is driven by an increasing reliance on digital solutions and a heightened threat landscape. Breachbits operates in a niche yet crucial segment of this market, addressing key security challenges faced by businesses today. The global market for automated penetration testing and vulnerability management, critical aspects of Breachbits' services, is forecasted to grow significantly. Our analysis revealed a significant opportunity for growth and market penetration, making Breachbits an attractive investment prospect.

  • Technology: At the forefront of Breachbits' appeal is its innovative technology. They offer an automated penetration testing and breach risk assessment service, which is cost-effective and efficient for enterprises. This service allows for continuous testing and assessment, identifying potential breach areas and providing crucial risk scores and recommendations. Recently, they have enhanced user experience with a more intuitive UI and integrated new features like dark web monitoring​​​​.

  • Traction: A key indicator of a company's potential is its traction in the market. Breachbits has shown impressive growth, with a growing customer base and strong partnerships. This evidence of market validation confirms our belief in the company's potential for sustained growth and profitability.

  • Terms: Our investment in Breachbits was also influenced by favorable terms that align with our investment criteria as is mutually beneficial. The terms of the deal ensured a balance of risk and reward, offering a clear path to profitability and return on investment. This strategic alignment of interests lays a foundation for a successful partnership

“Technology and Team were the two Ts that rose to the top when it came to our investment in Breachbits” - PK Malhotra, Breachbits Deal Lead.

Breachbits' advanced technology aligns with the growing need for automated security solutions in the cyber world. Their ability to innovate and adapt, evidenced by their recent enhancements, positions them as a leader in their field. The team's expertise, leadership, and responsiveness to market demands and Blu's guidance underscore their potential for sustained growth and scalability.

A Partnership for the Future: Investing in Breachbits was a decision grounded in thorough analysis and alignment with our Five T's strategy, with a special emphasis on the innovative technology they offer and the dynamic Team behind it. We are excited about this partnership and are confident in Breachbits’ potential to redefine cybersecurity standards. We believe Breachbits represents the type of forward-thinking and well-managed company that aligns with Blu Ventures' investment philosophy.  At Blu Ventures, we remain committed to investing in companies that are not just poised for success but are also driving innovation and change in their respective industries. 

Stay tuned for more insights in our Why We Invest In... series, as we continue to explore and support the growth of promising ventures.


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